“We will only advance in our evangelistic work as fast and as far as we advance on our knees. Prayer opens the channel between a soul and God; prayerlessness closes it. Prayer releases the grip of Satan’s power; prayerlessness increases it. That is why prayer is so exhausting and so vital. If we believed it, the prayer meeting would be as full as the church.”

– Alan Redpath

Have you ever wondered how you could truly make a difference with the gospel in this world? Here are a few ways you can begin to pray:

A. Pray for the Missions Ministry at Shiloh:

1. Pray that God would send out missionaries from Shiloh across the world. You can pray for the trips we take throughout the year.  (See the missionaries listed below).

2. Everyday missionaries—both foreign and national—face obstacles, opposition, and opportunities. We can intercede on their behalf, asking God to overcome obstacles, endure opposition, and seek opportunities to make Christ known and establish the church.

3. You can invest in mission through prayer by simply praying for the lost. Who do you know that does not know Jesus Christ? Begin to pray for them. Pray for the lost in the places like Mexico, Africa, India, Venezuela, Haiti, Guatemala, Turkey, Central Asia and right here in Plant City.

4. Plug into the various prayer initiatives at Shiloh. The message of the Gospel is truly good news; let us pray for God to send out messengers and to bring the lost to Himself.

5. Join us each Wednesday evening at 6:00 P.M. for our weekly prayer meeting.

B. Pray for the Missionaries that are connected to Shiloh:

Chris and Debbie Mauger – Lukenow, India

Chad and Tiffany Northington – Cameroon, Africa

Jesse and Heather Krenz – Zambia, Africa

C. Pray for Unreached People Groups:

Whether you’re part of a church-wide PRAYERthreads journey, a church group, campus ministry or individually praying for an unreached people group, you may struggle with how and what to pray concerning the people group that you or your group has chosen. The following is a list of ideas to help you pray for your people group.

     1. Get to know the GROUP.

The more you know about your group, the better you will be able to pray for them. Go to your local library and/or search the Internet to find background information on your people group. The International Mission Board has prayer requests for and information about some of the unreached people groups on the Internet at http://imb.org/pray.

     2. Find TIME to pray.

It is often hard to steal a moment of time away from daily activities to pray. If you already have a specific time you spend in prayer, just add your people group to your list of prayer requests. If you don’t have a time set aside for prayer every day, then pray when you can. For example, to help you remember, you can put a small dot sticker on your watch. Every time you check the time and see the sticker, you can say a brief prayer for your people group. Say a prayer for your people group at every meal. Arrive at church early. While you’re sitting in the sanctuary waiting for the service to begin, spend time praying for your people group. If you’re part of a church, Sunday School class, missions group, or other church group that is praying for a people group, meet with all or a few of those people before church and pray together…………………[MORE]