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Shiloh Missions Purpose:

Shiloh’s missions ministry exists to strategically deploy people and resources, in our own community and around the world, to make fully devoted and reproducing disciples for Christ and to make the name of Jesus Christ great among the nations and the next generation.

Shiloh Missions Vision:

  • For the Church at Shiloh:

To see every person at Shiloh actively and passionately involved in:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Teaching

Display God’s glory, God’s Mercy, God’s Love and the Hope found in a Relationship with Jesus Christ to all people in all cultures.

Invest in the lives of people, from the “front door step” of the church, unto to the ends of the earth.

Develop mission partnerships in every time zone and on every continent on earth.

  • For the world:

To see God raise up indigenously led, self-sustaining, reproducing Churches in all regions of the world

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