New to Shiloh


Hey there! If you are visiting with us and haven’t yet made a decision to join, or if you are a brand new member, we want to encourage you to pray about getting engaged here at Shiloh. No, we are not talking about a marriage proposal, but about become a part of the life of the church. Being engaged is making a commitment to attend, grow, be supportive, and be involved in ministry.

We encourage our members to do kingdom work. Take a leadership role, work in the nursery, teach a class, volunteer for work days, join a life group and a Sunday School class, or become involved in one or two of the many ministries that we have at Shiloh. There is so much to do and we need volunteers to get it done.

We have discovered that if a member doesn’t become engaged in ministry through the local church, it’s typically just a matter of time before they drop out. We want to be your family, your friend, and co-laborer in the Lord. If you can connect with what we are about, please contact us.  We desire to help you help you get plugged in by enlisting you in ministry. So, first of all, PRAY. Then take a few minutes to contact us or call the church office at (813) 300-0776. We would be glad to help you make the transition from being “ministered to” to being a “minister to” others.