Welcome to Shiloh Baptist Church.It is my hope that you will “Discover Something Different” here at Shiloh. In fact, the phrase “Discover Something Different” wasn’t something that we stole from another church. We didn’t invent it. It wasn’t contrived. It was something that people who visited our church over thirty years said so often that we adopted it for our slogan. We still hear that expression today, but we also try to make things different here. We don’t want to do something so different that it is weird, but we also do not shy away from trying something that is different if we feel that it may reach people with the Gospel and meet the needs of our church and community.

So, if you have just visited our church and are now checking out our website, or if you are contemplating a visit with us, please understand that we really do care and we want to convey that to you.

I have been pastor here at Shiloh more than 40 years. It is home to me and my family. I was baptized, and called to preach here at Shiloh. It is where Susan and I raised our children and where we have made lifelong eternal friends. Please feel free to become a part of a church that desires to exemplify what Jesus desired for the church.. a feeling of family and a sense of community with a mission to reach others with the life changing Gospel.

God Bless You, Bro. Joe